Rise of the Nemesis

A Dark Epic Fantasy set in the Portal Wars Universe (Fate of the Demigods Book 1)

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In a world on the precipice of ruin, one man’s quest for vengeance ignites an epic clash between light and darkness that will redefine the nature of heroism itself.

Boren, once a young savior who sacrificed everything to protect his homeworld of Komad, has spent a decade trapped on the corrupted realm of Taytos. Hunted relentlessly by the enigmatic Four Anjuns, ancient demigods with sinister agendas, Boren forges a dangerous pact with an imprisoned dragon and its brood. With new power coursing through his veins, he embarks on a perilous mission of retribution, unaware of the far-reaching consequences that threaten both worlds.

On Komad, Boren’s former allies face a chilling new threat as the mysterious Jasver’s Acolytes shatter the fragile peace. Guided by Deuc, a priest of the Order of the Righteous, and Feridun, a battle-scarred warrior mage, they must unravel the truth behind these shadowy forces before all is lost.

As the destinies of two realms intertwine, Boren confronts his past and embraces his true destiny. The fate of countless lives hangs in the balance as he and his companions race against time to thwart the Anjun’s apocalyptic machinations. In a world where every choice carries the weight of salvation or damnation, will they triumph, or will everything they hold dear succumb to eternal darkness?

Immerse yourself in Rise of the Nemesis, a breathtaking odyssey through treacherous lands and heart-pounding battles where loyalty, power, and sacrifice shape the very fabric of existence. Step into the Portal Wars Universe and experience a dark, captivating tale that will leave you questioning the boundaries of heroism and morality.

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Editor's feedback: "I am absolutely hooked on this book and have been reading as much I can. I don't want to put it down!"