Rise of the Nemesis

In a world on the precipice of ruin, one man’s quest for vengeance ignites an epic clash between light and darkness that will redefine the nature...

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Paolo Danese

Paolo Danese, creator of the 'Portal Wars' universe, combines his rich international experiences with a career in journalism and technology to craft epic narratives. 

Born in Southern Italy and educated in Canada and the UK, Paolo has lived in Asia for over a decade, first in Hong Kong and now in Singapore. His personal journey infuses his tales with a unique global perspective, enriching the intricate plots and vivid settings of his series. 

'Path of the Guardian,' his Young Adult Epic Fantasy debut novel, introduced readers to a world where medieval grandeur and Mediterranean mystique collide in a story of destiny, magic, and conflict. 

His first adult Epic Fantasy novel, 'Rise of the Nemesis', also set in the Portal Wars universe, will be published in summer 2024.

Paolo has worked as a financial journalist, editor, and more recently, as a tech startup founder. He continues to pioneer innovative ways to write and share stories with the world, engaging readers beyond the printed page. 

Get to know his worlds, real and creative, by exploring the realms of the 'Portal Wars Saga'. 

You can also connect with Paolo to follow his ongoing adventures in literature and technology through the links below.


Rise of the Nemesis

A Dark Epic Fantasy set in the Portal Wars Universe (Fate of the Demigods Book 1)

In a world on the precipice of ruin, one man’s quest for vengeance ignites an epic clash between light and darkness that will redefine the nature of heroism itself.

Boren, once a young savior who sacrificed everything to protect his homeworld of Komad, has spent a decade trapped on the corrupted realm of Taytos. Hunted relentlessly by the...

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Path of the Guardian: A YA Epic Fantasy of Forgotten Magic and Betrayals

The kingdom that had protected him for so many years had now betrayed him. It had torn everything away from him. Now he was alone, and the end was approaching.

Boren is a young man with a past far more mysterious than he realizes. He is now desperate, alone, and on the run. His family has just been slaughtered by the assassins of Ferdul, the...

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Other Writing

My Substack

I routinely post to Substack on two different blogs:

1. At paolodanese.substack.com, you can find my articles on creative writing, the publishing industry, technology, and the intersection of all of the above.

2. At portalwars.substack.com I focus on all things epic fantasy fiction, in particular my ongoing saga set in the "Portal Wars Universe".

Check them out, and if you like, support my writing by subscribing!

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June 13, 2024 A teaser of things to come: "Heroes of Rise of the Nemesis"!

Want to meet the heroes (and some villains) in my fantasy universe before the release of Rise of the Nemesis?

Sign up for my newsletter here on the paolodanese.com website, or on portalwars.substack.com and receive a FREE digital copy of the "Heroes of Rise of the Nemesis" booklet!

It will introduce you to Boren, a hero haunted by his past as he embarks on a vengeful quest.

Learn about Kisseltek, a powerful dragon seeking to reclaim his throne.

Meet Feridun, a seasoned warrior, and Deuc, a...

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June 3, 2024 Welcome!

Dear Reader,

Thanks for joining me on paolodanese.com. I hope you will stick around for updates on my latest editorial projects. At the moment, I am fully focused on the launch of Rise of the Nemesis on August 10, 2024. This book has been in the works since 2020 and I am so happy to be approaching the (very temporary) finish line.

Rise of the Nemesis is my first piece of adult fiction after launching my YA epic fantasy debut Path of the Guardian in 2020, a story I came up with while still a...

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