June 3, 2024

Dear Reader,

Thanks for joining me on paolodanese.com. I hope you will stick around for updates on my latest editorial projects. At the moment, I am fully focused on the launch of Rise of the Nemesis on August 10, 2024. This book has been in the works since 2020 and I am so happy to be approaching the (very temporary) finish line. 

Rise of the Nemesis is my first piece of adult fiction after launching my YA epic fantasy debut Path of the Guardian in 2020, a story I came up with while still a teenager! Just like myself, the characters have become adult since! The story has taken a darker, more mature turn. I cannot wait to share it with you all. 

Two worlds hang on the brink of destruction, and our hero, Boren, enters a pact with ancient beings that will have unimaginable consequences on him and everyone he loves. 

So, please stick around as I prep to launch Rise of the Nemesis. I want to share more about the behind-the-scenes of this novel: the world-building, the characters, and a lot of my experiments with multimedia content for the Portal Wars Universe, including AI-generated illustrations and more. 

For now, I wish you all the best.